Our eye doctors and office team invite you to experience our modern, high-tech eye care in a caring and professional environment.

You can count on us for such common services and techniques as:

Eye Exams – We offer comprehensive eye exams for the whole family. These routine exams are anything but routine in their ability to protect your vision. Our detailed evaluations can catch lurking problems before they can do extensive damage your eyes.

Corrective Lenses – If your vision could use some help, turn to our clinic. We can craft high-quality eyeglasses, fitting you with a variety of designer frames. We also perform contact lens exams to determine which of our contact lens products best suits your needs.

Eye Disease Care – We can provide treatment and recommendations to help you get the upper hand on eye diseases. In addition to treating acute issues such as conjunctivitis, we can help you with everything from glaucoma and macular degeneration to dry eye.

Surgery Co-Management – If you’re pursuing LASIK, cataract removal or some other surgery, we can co-manage your preparations and recovery process to support an optimal result.

Eye Exams, Corrective Lenses and so much more

You'll never need to go anywhere else for your primary eye care needs. In addition to our own optometrist, we have access to several distinguished referring doctors for specialized situations.

You may recognize some of these state-of-the-art corporations and technologies currently being used in our offices to help provide the best possible experience for our patients:

  • Uprise
  • Solution Reach
  • Eyemaginations
  • Zeiss iProfiler
  • RAPDx
  • Optomap
  • Konan CellChek
  • Zeiss Visual Field 740i
  • Heidelberg Spectralis OCT

Providing the best Ocular Technology

We provide the very latest in high-tech eye care. You’ve probably never had an eye exam as thorough and efficient as you will at our practice! Check out the technology that makes our clinic special for you and your family.

Most patients with low to moderate prescriptions will receive the lightest weight, most durable, most distortion free material available called Trivex. Patients with higher prescriptions receive high index 1.70 lenses that have all of the same great design benefits but are also extremely thin.

Progressive (no line bifocal) lens wearers receive revolutionary technology to make your far vision, middle vision (computer vision) and near vision the best it can be in a progressive lens design. All of our lenses come with the latest and greatest anti-glare technology, Hoya EX3 or Hoya RECHARGE, which is glare resistant, smudge resistant and tougher than glass to scratch.

Prescription Contact Lenses and Frames

Our doctors always prescribe you the latest, most cutting-edge technology available for your prescription lenses, providing you with better vision and protection for your eye health.

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